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What is a qualified electronic signature?

A qualified electronic signature is a tool that allows the identity of entities sending documents electronically to be identified. It is such a secure method that it is used by both tax offices and ZUS.


How does an electronic signature work?

Data in electronic form which, together with other data with which it has been combined, form a whole that allows the unique identification of the person who made it.
A secure electronic signature is a signature that:

  • is assigned to one person only
  • is drawn up on the basis of secure devices that are subject only to the person who affixes the signature
  • is linked to data, any change to which is recognised

Annual PIT and Social Security do not require a qualified electronic signature.

The submission of electronic forms to the authorities is gaining popularity among entrepreneurs. It offers the opportunity to save time. When filing annual tax returns electronically, it is not an electronic signature is not necessary. A safeguard in this situation is the provision of the income as shown on your tax return for the previous year.

Electronic submission of forms without an electronic signature is also possible when submitting declarations to ZUS. In this case, however, it is necessary to set up a trusted profile on the ePUAP platform and to a one-time visit to an office in order to confirm the identity of the person to whom the trusted profile has been granted.

Why is a digital signature so secure?

  • Trusted Digital Identifier - Regulatory compliant, certificate-based certificate-based digital identifiers come from accredited providers. To obtain such an identifier, you must prove your identity.
  • All encrypted - The digital signature and the document to be signed are encrypted together and combined using a seal that ensures the visibility of potential modifications.
  • Unique data - Each time you sign a document, you use your own, unique digital certificate and PIN number to confirm your credentials and identity.
  • Confirmation - A signed document and digital signature can be validated again long after the signature has taken place, using the services of a Certification Authority or Trust Service Provider for up to 10 years after the document has been signed.
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